Puterea politica a sistemului bancar

8 Jan

Roger Altman, bancher de Wall Street, mare boss in administratia Clinton a spus recent ca pietele financiare “au eliminat guverne atunci cand procesul democratic nu, a permis-o. Pot impune austeritate, salvari de banci si alte schimbari de politici. Cu exceptia armelor nucleare ele au devenit cea mai puternica frta de pe pamant.”

Sursa: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2011/12/15/blame_the_banks?page=0,1

Suna hiperbolic? Ia uitati ce zice aici Simon Johnson, un fost mahar (id est economist sef) de la FMI, actualmente in faza penitenta.


Si ce daca?
Pai iata de ce:

These megabanks emerged from the meltdown more opposed to regulation than ever, the authors say. If they get their way — and they will, judging from current congressional maneuvering over President Barack Obama’s proposed regulatory overhaul — Wall Street will retain its license to gamble with the taxpayer’s money. This isn’t good for anyone, including the banks themselves, which often feel compelled by competitive pressure to take suicidal risks.


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