Degrowth may be the only answer to the climate Apocalypse

12 Feb


Bankers getting up to shenanigans

11 Feb

Apparently sometimes banks pay their bankers to take government positions, which seems like a conflict of interest when governments try to regulate banks.

Presentation: Structural Transformation and Natural Resources in Africa, Part 1

24 Oct

Hi Everyone,

I have attached my presentation ppt about the African Structural Transformation and Natural Resources part 1.
Hopefully my presentation had explained clearly about how Africa achieved its structural transformation through its primary natural resource sectors.

Pengyu XIang (Sean)

IR Africa Presentation Pengyu_Xiang

Presentation Andy Higginbottom, FDI in Latin America

24 Oct

Hi everyone,

Here is my presentation of “The Political Economy of Foreign Investment in Latin America: Dependency Revisited”



Aside 4 Apr

Ann Joyce:
Strengths/Weaknesses: There is a plethora of literature related to democratic transitions and levels of violence. Numerous scholars have analyzed case studies from around the world making their own predictions on the causes of democratic transitions and the factors that lead to violence. While there is plenty of research related to Turkey and Algeria, there is a limited amount related to Egypt. Due to the consisted development of the situation in Egypt, scholars have mostly written theoretical articles about the potential outcomes that could occur.

Limitations: This paper cannot analyze whether or not a democratic transition is successful. Similarly, the focus on Egypt will need to be narrowed to a time frame between the start of the Arab Spring and potentially the 2nd round of elections occurring in the next few months. Due to the evolving situation in Egypt, this paper needs to be focused on a historical time frame, instead of the current state.

Approach: The focus of this paper will be on the factors present during democratic transition and the effect that is had on the level of violence. Scholars have theorized about the necessary factors needed to ensure limited violence. These theories will be analyzed in the frame of Algeria, Turkey, and Egypt. 

NYT Article on Hypothesis Testing and Nutrition

12 Feb

Just for fun..

Nutrition Article

Doha Round Passed

9 Dec

Apparently the WTO finally passed the Doha Round!